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Matthew M. Williams, Givenchy

Wall Street Journal Magazine

“ In a long, narrow room lined with conference tables laden with accessories, Matthew M. Williams, the newly appointed creative director of Givenchy, inspects a zippered parka on a model. With his dark blond hair slicked forward into a Caesar cut, wearing a shiny black-leather popover top and sharp black gabardine pants—from 1017 Alyx 9SM, the sportswear company he founded in 2015—the 35-year-old could be a character in The Matrix. The parka is of a piece, inky black, with zippers in bright chrome that snake over the sleeves and around the body creating the silhouette of a carapace. “This came out really nice,” Williams says to his design team. His accent reveals a youth spent in sunbaked California skate parks. (Williams grew up in Pismo Beach.) “Yes, this is a piece we definitely like.” One down, dozens more to go...”

Words by Alexandra Marshall